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All About Ontario Shores' HealthCheck

Ontario Shores’ HealthCheck helps patients manage their own health information. This internet-based patient portal is secure, private and confidential.

It is available to all patients 16 and over, who are not undergoing a forensic assessment. It is also available for friends and family who have the legal right to access personal health information of a patient. Their access is based upon the patient’s consent. This additional user will have a separate user ID and password.

Patients can access the link to the portal from wherever Internet access is available, for example at a public library. There are also patient only computers onsite at Ontario Shores (such as the library) that are available for use. Inpatients can ask staff for Internet access.

Ontario Shores’ HealthCheck allows patients to view and edit parts of their health record at any time. Items such as visit history, lab results, clinical reports, allergies and appointments can all be viewed. Patients can also request edits to their demographic information, request medication renewals and send notices to their clinicians.

To sign up for Ontario Shores’ HealthCheck, patients and their friends and family will require a valid email address, proof of identification and if applicable, legal documentation for accessing personal health information.

The use of Ontario Shores’ HealthCheck is in keeping with the recovery model at Ontario Shores and is based on the principles of empowerment, hope, recovery, collaboration, identity, responsibility and meaning in life. Recovery promotes inclusion and the empowerment of patients and their families. It also means that treatment options are tailored to the individual needs of patients to support their well-being.

Ontario Shores’ HealthCheck is available December 1, 2014 for all patients.


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If you are having problems accessing HealthCheck please contact healthcheck@ontarioshores.ca.

If you think or know your Ontario Shores' patient portal account has been breached or compromised please call 905-430-4061.