High School and Elementary Schools

The onset of most mental illness occurs during adolescence and young adulthood. Ontario Shores provides education to young people faced with mental illness as well as to students in the community to build awareness about mental health among all young people.

Grove School
Young people receiving treatment for mental illness can benefit from Grove School, a program offered by Ontario Shores to support them in their educational goals throughout the recovery process.

TAMI Program
The TAMI Program, visits schools in the community to speak out about mental illness and engage students in becoming ambassadors for mental health and to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Co-op Placements
Co-op placements are available at Ontario Shores to provide students with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a mental health care facility and a foundation to build a career in the field of mental health care.

You're not aloneYou’re Not Alone
You’re Not Alone is an adolescent mental health awareness campaign created by Ontario Shores. It  features a variety of media components displayed in communities and schools. You’re Not Alone encourages adolescents with mental health concerns to talk to someone they trust and to get the help they need. You’re Not Alone is focused on reducing the stigma that acts as a barrier for people getting the help they need. Through education and awareness, we can change the face of mental illness so that adolescents don’t suffer in silence. Learn More...

Adolescent Mental Health Literacy Program
In partnership with school boards and Dr. Stanley Kutcher, Ontario Shores organized training for educators, teachers, and support staff to help deliver adolescent mental health literacy to four school boards this semester including, Durham District School Board, Durham Catholic District School Board, the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board and the Peterborough, Victoria, Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board. Seventeen schools from those boards will pilot this program this year. Ontario Shores will be looking to expand this curriculum across the province.  Learn More...

Brain Injury Resources

Understanding Brain Injury in Adolescence

Brain Injury Guide for Youth

Brain Injury Guides Media Backgrounder

Brain Injury Media Release (Ontario)
  • Emma
    My co-op on PRB has been an amazing learning experience. The staff are so wonderful. It will be hard to say goodbye, but it will not be for long. I plan to come back to volunteer, work, or hopefully in the future intern here as a psychology student
    ~ Emma
  • Cameron
    The cooperative education opportunity at Ontario Shores offers great experience in the workplace for people of all ages.
    ~ Cameron
  • Jenna
    My co-op placement was a valuable learning experience. I learned what it takes to run a conference centre and art gallery, and was also involved in helping out with movie nights and matinees and the Lets Talk speaker series for the community.
    ~ Jenna