Student Testimonials
  Stephanie Arpin
Third-year nursing student, UOIT, PRA

“It was a great experience; different from any other.”

Dina Buttu
Psychology Intern

“My experience as a Psychology Intern at Ontario Shores has been great! I am inspired by patient stories and feel privileged to be a part of their journey towards recovery. Exposure to a wide range of clinical cases in combination with excellent supervision, a supportive interdisciplinary team and friendly staff at Ontario Shores make this hospital an outstanding training facility!”

Emily DeSantis
Third-year nursing student, UOIT, FAU

“Ontario Shores has provided an enriching contribution to my nursing practice. I have been given many opportunities as a student to gain clinical experience in the field of psychiatric nursing. With the assistance of excellent staff and our instructor, I have learned a great deal about mental health as well as caring for the patients within this facility.”
  Nicholas Herstead
Third-year nusring student, UOIT, PRA

“I like how Ontario Shores is always different. It gives unique challenges on a week to week basis.”
  Heather Humphries
Third-year nursing student, UOIT, FCRU

“Working at Ontario Shores has provided me with endless opportunities. I am now interested in making mental health my future career choice.”
  Heather Kavelaar
Third-year nursing student, UOIT, ASU

“My placement at Ontario Shores has taught me skills that I will use in my future nursing career.”

Katie Kellestine
Third-year nursing student, UOIT, ASU

“My short time at Ontario Shores has given me a lot of lifetime experiences that I can apply to any field of nursing.”

Samantha Loney
Third-year nursing student, UOIT, ASU

“My clinical experience at Ontario Shores has opened my eyes to mental health. It is something that affects everyone and the staff on ASU helped me realize that.”

Ashley MacMillan
Third-year nursing student, UOIT, FAU

“During my placement at Ontario Shores I have been given the opportunity to work with a number of amazing staff members who have taught me a lot during my experience here. The staff were very receptive to students and continually provided positive feedback. Ontario Shores has created an enriching learning placement, and I am pleased that I got the chance to work here. Thank you!”

Erica Martin
Psychology Intern

“My favorite part of the day is the time I spend with patients; this is where the bulk of my learning occurs. Each individual is so diverse and unique that listening to their personal stories enhances my appreciation for the complexity of mental health as well as for the strength of the human spirit. The best way to learn is to walk a mile in another man's shores, but to do that I must first remove my own.”
  Tanya Rigby
Third-year nursing student, UOIT, PRA

“Staff at Ontario Shores are supportive in the learning experience and are always open to sharing their knowledge.”
  Olivia Struke
Third-year nursing student, UOIT, FCRU

“Working at Ontario Shores has given me a positive perspective of mental health, and it’s a field I would like to pursue in the future.”

Mike Vrantsidis
Criminology and Justice Studies, UOIT
Forensic Program

“The Ontario Shores student placement program offered me a personal look at the connection between mental health and the justice system. I was thrilled to witness the collaborative efforts of so many people from so many professional backgrounds all working together to do what they can for people suffering from mental illness. During my semester with Ontario Shores I filtered through the Forensic program, beginning in assessment to spending my last day in outpatient services which enabled me to gather perspective of each stage of a patient’s recovery process. I’m confident that what I learned at Ontario Shores will be the reason I continue to pursue mental health law.”