Patient Engagement Pilot - Mozzaz

What is the Mozzaz Corporation?

The Mozzaz Corporation is a technology solution company focused on behavioural health to assist patients and providers in achieving better service delivery and positive health outcomes.
Mozzaz has developed a mobile application which delivers personalized healthcare to individuals living with mental illness.

The mobile application will assist the management of daily life by providing communication vehicles, hospital-approved resources and individual learning tools to patients. The Mozzaz application will also connect individuals to their care teams for remote care planning through any mobile device from anywhere.

What is the Ontario Shores-Mozzaz pilot project?

Ontario Shores and Mozzaz are collaborating on a patient engagement pilot project that will leverage mobile technology to enable patients to actively participate in their care and stay connected to their care teams in between appointments. Using mobile healthcare applications developed by Mozzaz, patients at Ontario Shores will be able to interact directly with their care plans. This will allow them to access key online support and information resources. Patients will be able to complete self-assessment forms and access reminders for medications. Through this project implementation Ontario Shores hopes to increase efficiency and provide an enhanced voice for patients within their own care.

Why are we participating in this pilot project?

Ontario Shores is committed to both the use of technology to enhance opportunities for patients to achieve positive outcomes.

The implementation of the Mozzaz application offers Ontario Shores the opportunity to continue its commitment to discovering new ways to engage patients in innovative and efficient ways.

What patient areas are participating in the Mozzaz pilot?

Selected patients from Transitional Aged Youth (TAY), Neuropsychiatry Service (NPS), Eating Disorders Unit (EDU) and Geriatric and Neuropsychiatry Outpatient Services will be provided the opportunity to participate in the Ontario Shores-Mozzaz pilot

Along with Mozzaz, the project team has been working closely with clinicians from these services to develop content within the application that promotes recovery to the selected patient populations.

Why were these patient areas selected?

A successful pilot project implementation must reflect the range of services we provide to patients and families each day.

These patients will provide the opportunity to gather data and measure effectiveness within a population that represent a significant portion of the challenges facing our patients and families.

How will I be supported by Ontario Shores during this pilot?

Ontario Shores’ is committed to creating an environment which allows for both patients and staff to achieve success.

Throughout this pilot project, patients and staff will be provided with both clinical and IT support to ensure any concerns around privacy, application functionality and mobile device access are addressed.

How will Mozzaz change how I do my job?

The Mozzaz application will give patients control of their healthcare.Aside from having access to resources and tools when online or offline, patients participating in the pilot project will have the ability to input patient documentation directly into Meditech through functionality options within Mozzaz without assistance from staff.

How will Mozzaz and HealthCheck work together?

Patients will be able to directly access HealthCheck through the Mozzaz application.
Additionally, other resources will be made available on the application, including hospital information, selected blogs, forms and activities.

What if a patient wants to participate in Mozzaz?

Patient engagement is critical to the success of the Ontario Shores-Mozzaz pilot. 
If a patient within EDU, TAY, NPS and Geriatric and Neuropsychiatry Outpatient Services expresses interested in participating in the pilot, encourage the conversation and bring it forward to the clinical team for discussion.

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