Dr. Lisa Marshall
Dr. Lisa Marshall
Dr. Lisa Marshall is a psychologist in the Forensic Program at Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (Ontario Shores). She holds two doctorates in clinical practice and research. Dr. Marshall has an honorary position with the Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland and is affiliated with The State Hospital in Carstairs, Scotland. She is involved in a number of projects in Scotland and is currently supervising two PhD students. Her current research initiatives include two studies funded by The State Hospital in Carstairs. “Prediction of Violence Risk” is a prospective study that examines the validity of risk assessment tools in a high security forensic mental health setting. The other, “IPA Risk Management Study” is a qualitative study using an IPA approach to examine patient perspectives on risk management in a high security hospital setting. Dr. Marshall will also be involved in the upcoming “International Parenting Study”, a collaborative project that will gather data from approximately 30 countries. Her research interests include violence risk assessment and management, domestic violence, stalking, mental disorders and offending behaviour.    

Current Research Projects:

Title: Prediction of Violence Risk
Funding:  The State Hospital in Carstairs, Scotland

Title: IPA Risk management Study
Funding: The State Hospital in Carstairs, Scotland

Title: International Parenting Study Collaboration Project

Recent Publications:

McLean, N., & Marshall, L. A. (2010). A front line police perspective of mental health issues and services. Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health, 20(1), 62-71.

Vojt, G., Marshall, L. A., & Thomson, L. D. G. (2010). The assessment of imminent inpatient aggression: A validation study of the DASA-IV in Scotland. The Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology, 21(5), 789-800.

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Burton, J. M., & Marshall, L. A. (2005). Protective factors for youth considered at-risk of criminal behaviour: Does participation in extra-curricular activities help? Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health, 15(1), 46-64.