Strategic Plan

Ontario Shores' Primary Strategic Directions

Ontario Shores is in the last year of it's five-year Strategic Plan.  With a theme of Advancing Care, Building Connections, Achieving Excellence…Together, the plan guided the direction of the organization to provide enhanced mental health and addictions services and contribute to the advancement of the mental health care system. Ontario Shores is currently developing its next strategic plan which will be released in 2017.

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PDF document Strategic Plan at a Glance

Entitled ‘We Will Be.’, our 2017-2022 Strategic Plan sets a clear roadmap forward with memorable directions and ambitious goals to advance the organization and the mental health care system.

Our Strategic Directions

Abstract painting with intensely coloured and bold brushstrokes

Revolutionize the way we work with our partners to develop a coordinated mental health and addictions system to provide greater access to the life-saving treatment and supports our patients need.

Abstract painting with several horizontal fields of colour

Give our people the freedom to be innovative. Transform what we know about mental illness and share our learnings with others.

Abstract painting with flower motif and soft pastel colours

Seize every moment to care about the people around us. Weave recovery into the fabric of our organization so it can be seen, felt, heard and experienced every day.

Abstract Painting with several vibrant curving brushstrokes

Elevate the organization through the relentless pursuit of excellence in all that we do. Set the highest standards for practice, quality and performance.


About the Artist

Ontario Shores partnered with local artist and outpatient Natalie Simpson who created unique pieces of art for each Strategic Direction.

Read Natalie's Story


About our 2017-2022 Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan ThumbnailOur five-year Strategic Plan, We Will Be. builds upon the momentum of change and transformation that we have been able to achieve through the hard work and dedication of all those who have contributed to our collective milestones along the way.

It is our roadmap forward for our continued development as a partner, regional provider and innovator as we reach beyond the walls of our organization to improve the quality of patient care across the system.

With research and academics being fully integrated throughout our Strategic Plan, we will empower our researchers, clinicians, staff, students and patients along with our academic and community partners to harness their collective power, challenge the status quo, impact system change and influence health system evolution and policy for mental health across all domains of our Strategic Plan.

Thank you to the hundreds of staff, physicians, volunteers, patients, families and partners who provided input into the development of this plan.

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