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Accessing Care for Adolescents


The  onset of most mental illnesses occur during adolescence and can interfere with the development of independent living skills, interpersonal and family relationships, as well as educational, recreational and work-related activities.

Early diagnosis and treatment of mental illness is essential in building a solid foundation for a bright future.

Ontario Shores offers assessment and treatment programs for adolescents aged 12-18. In some cases, patients are able to remain at home while accessing treatment through outpatient services. In other more complex cases the patient may require a period of hospitalization for diagnosis and stabilization.

Please see our list of adolescent treatment programs and related instructions for referrals.

Adolescent Inpatient Services

 Adolescent Inpatient Services Unit For ages 12-18.
The  Adolescent Inpatient Unit provides a 75-day program including assessment, stabilization, with individual and/or group treatments for youth aged 12-18 requiring hospitalization, with a goal of symptom management, improved function and reintegration into the community.  
Referrals: Patients can be referred through Durham Central Intake at 1.888.454.6275 by family doctors, psychiatrists or nurse practitioners. 

Eating Disorders Unit For ages 12-17.
12-bed inpatient unit for youth aged 12-17 struggling with an eating disorder.  Care is focusses on recovery and rehabilitation and provides post-discharge support and planning for transition home. Average length of stay is 105 days.
Referrals: Patients can be referred through Ontario Shores Central Intake by family doctors, psychiatrists or nurse practitioners.

    Adolescent Outpatient Services

    Referrals: Outpatients can be referred through Durham Central Intake at 1.888.454.6275 or through Ontario Shores Central Intake.

    Adolescent Outpatient Services For ages 12-18.
    Provides 12-15 weeks of outpatient assessment and treatment for young people for mood and anxiety syndromes. 

    Adolescent Day Treatment For ages 14-18.
    Provides mental health and education support within a local highschool to assist adolescents 14-18 years of age with transition into a community setting.

    Adolescent Eating Disorders Day Treatment For ages 12-17.
    16 week eating disorders treatment program serving 8 patients at a time Monday to Friday each week. 

    Prompt Care Clinic For ages 12+
    A one time assessment and consultation with a child and adolescent psychiatrist for the purpose of providing diagnostic and treatment recommendations that will be sent back to the referral source.

      Need Help Accessing Care?
      If you have any questions about the best approach to accessing care for youth please contact our Central Intake department at 1.877.767.9642 or @email.  

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