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Administrative Professionals Conference to Be a Day of Learning and Growth

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I am exceptionally proud of our upcoming Administrative Professionals Conference at Ontario Shores on Friday, April 27.

This started off as an idea to create an opportunity for administrative professionals to visit our beautiful facility for a day of learning and professional development. It has become a full day of education and knowledge sharing that is now just weeks away from becoming a reality.

Along with the educational opportunities this conference is sure to provide, I’m excited for the chance to share with my colleagues across various sectors in Durham Region, and beyond, a sample of the exciting work being done at Ontario Shores each and every day.

For us, as administrative professionals who care greatly about the impact our organization makes in the community, this event is an opportunity for colleagues to learn a little bit more about the people we serve and how mental health impacts everyone.

LEARN – LEAD – GROW is an exciting, affordable, local conference for anyone in a support role.

Based on the collective experiences of the Executive Assistant team at Ontario Shores, we have worked together to create a day we are sure will appeal to anyone in an admin or support role at a doctor’s office, hospital, community centre, school, retirement residence or government building.

For us, this all started because we wanted to bring our community together to exchange ideas and experiences in the admin/support profession while also providing a mental health lens.

Mental health impacts all of us. Understanding mental health and its impact in the workplace can make a noticeable difference for both individuals and teams.

We are very proud to be able to offer topics and speakers that are energetic, informative and fun. Following the day’s activities you will go back to work refreshed, with new ideas and information, and will have likely made new friends or reconnected with old ones.

We hope you will join us.

Conference for Administrative Professionals 

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