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Allan Smith


Volunteering has always been something I have wanted to get involved with. Both of my parents volunteered in the community when I was growing up. My brother, sister and wife have also found time to help pay back to the community with volunteer work. 

Now that I am retired, and have lots of free time I looked into various local opportunities to volunteer and found that Ontario Shores had a large variety of activities that I could assist with.

I know many people who have benefited from the efforts of others in such an environment.

I believe that our community has very much benefited from the work at Ontario Shores with them making a significant impact on the lives of individuals that have utilized the facility.

With the various opportunities at Ontario Shores, there is always something different that I can do to help and never the same routine every shift. I also like the interaction with the other volunteers and the staff at Ontario Shores.
I like having the opportunity to be able to make a difference.