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“Being an extern at Ontario Shores, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with many inspiring healthcare professionals whose passion and commitment to helping people constantly motivates and encoura

Child and Youth Care week is celebrated throughout the Ontario CYC community as a time of year where organizations, stakeholders, funders and peers can spotlight and acknowledge Child and Youth

Ontario Shores Foundation for Mental Health (Ontario Shores Foundation) has been selected as the charity of choice for this Spring’s Tim Hortons Smile Cookie campaign in Durham Region.

March is Pharmacy Appreciation Month.

“All you do is just slap a label on it”.

I arrived home a couple of weeks ago and it had been one of those days. To say the least, I was more than a little down. So, I did what I always do when I need a boost. I reached for The Book.

A Thousand Ways to Kneel and Kiss the Earth is a collection of watercolours of encounters with nature, which serve as a healing process in a world struggling to regain nor

“That first session, I had an epiphany. ‘Oh, so that’s how others see me.’ It was at that moment I committed to recovery.” 

If I looked at my life 2 years in the future, I probably would be dead. I hated myself!

Well, we said that "anyone at Ontario Shores who has a story to tell" can author a guest blog, but a dog? Why not? Enjoy the first ever blog written by a dog.

Ontario Shores is quite fortunate to have Dr. Neal Anzai heading up our Eating Disorders Program.

February is Black History Month. A Grand Rounds session on February 1st discussed the implications of being Black in the workplace.

I want to start a conversation…and I hope you join in.

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