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Artist of the Month | Kate Greenway

A Thousand Ways to Kneel and Kiss the Earth
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A Thousand Ways to Kneel and Kiss the Earth is a collection of watercolours of encounters with nature, which serve as a healing process in a world struggling to regain normalcy after years of pandemic. As we discovered, or re-discovered, interacting with outdoor spaces is an important therapeutic process for humans. 

About the Artist

Kate creates most often in watercolour, and in glass – fused, stained and mosaic – frequently combining mixed media and photo-transfer elements. Her favorite subjects to paint are flora, fauna, and landscapes, where she tends to work representationally; in glass, she leans more to abstract expression or thematically linked pieces.  

Kate completed a Masters and Ph.D. in Arts Education. Her Holocaust themed Masters work was acquired by the Holocaust Survivors’ Speakers Bureau in the Bronx, New York, and she has published several journal articles with accompanying glass artwork illustrations.  

Recent Awards: Georgina Centre for Arts and Culture Jurie Show (Award of Merit); Camelback Gallery "All Animals" (Bronze Award); Gallery Ring “Colorful” (Crystal Award) and “Flower” (Award of Merit);  Newmarket Juried Art Exhibition (Best Mixed Media); Grey Cube Gallery “Blue” (Honorable Mention), Shortlisted McMichael Gallery Plein Air Competition; and publication in ArtAscent Art and Literature Journal “Gardens,”,“Beauty,”  "Cold" (Silver Artist Award) and "Summer" (Gold Artist Award and cover of magazine) issues.  

Selected Upcoming shows: Ontario Shores Gallery, Whitby "A Thousand Ways to Kneel and Kiss the Earth" (solo); Heinzman House Invitational; Markham Doors Open (solo); Peter Street Gallery, Orillia (solo); Ruth Upjohn Gallery, Toronto (solo.)


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