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Artist of the Month | Summi Siddiqui

June 2024
Dancer Painting
Published Date

Teacher–Artist–Writer–Performer–Travelling Storyteller, Motivational Speaker, Poet ….. Summi Siddiqui connects cultures beyond borders.

She travels around the world taking Canadian stories with her and returns with stories from places she visits.

Emerging from a family of poets, writers and artists, Summi was educated in England, India, France, Italy, and Canada. This exposed her to international literature and arts, making it natural for her to create with her pen, her paint brush, and her voice.

She has organized lectures and workshops for both children and adults in Toronto, India, Sudan, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and Oman. She has also held sessions at British Council Centers. She often speaks at Senior Centre Without Walls (SCWW Ajax, Ontario).

Her public speaking topics are both motivational and inspiring, family stories, memories, and fun anecdotes with riddles and humor. She enjoys languages and translates her talks to adapt to her audience.

Reprinted from StoryTimeToronto.org

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