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A beekeeping initiative at Ontario Shores

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We are excited to formally announce the launch of a beekeeping initiative at Ontario Shores! We have partnered with Alvéole, a leader in urban beekeeping projects and are how hosting thousands of our new friends.  The first ever bee hive at Ontario Shores was installed on June 17th, 2020 in the interior courtyard outside of building 6, directly across from FCRU.

Save the bees

Our partner at Alvéole will install and maintain our hive throughout the spring and summer, and will complete the honey harvesting process in the fall and provide us with 15 kilos of our very own, locally sourced honey.  Included in our package are two interactive workshops led by Alvéole.  We are still hoping to conduct these throughout the summer so stay tuned for more information. 

We have a number of these bee friendly wildflower seed cards available for staff and patient use.  They are currently being left in the main lobby for pick up however if you have a request for them please email Rob Simpson at @email.  Simply peel off the bee shape and plant it following the simple instructions on the back of the card.

Will people get stung by the bees?
Honey bees are not interested in the presence of humans. Their daily quest is to bring nectar, pollen, resin or water to their colony to ensure its development. Unless aggression is demonstrated towards them, bees have no motivation to sting. In fact, once they sting, they lose their stinger and a part of their abdomen, and die.

Alvéole works with a special breed of Italian bees, selected over five years for their docility. They have been installing hives at hundreds of companies, schools and private homes for years, and have never had to deal with any major issue related to bee stings. Of course, the possibility of getting stung close to a beehive exists, but it’s very slim.

Town of Whitby
David Suzuki Foundation
Ontario Bee Keepers Association

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