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Candace Chartier

Candace Chartier
Board Member

Candace Chartier, Chief Seniors’ Advocate and Strategic Partnerships Officer, Southbridge Care Homes

As the Chief Senior’s Advocate and Strategic Planning Officer at Southbridge Care Homes, Candace is responsible for leading and implementing the organization’s ongoing commitment to quality and care across its 37 care homes, including ensuring strong accountability mechanisms focused on operational standards and quality of living for the seniors it cares for.

Candace brings with her more than two decades of experience in Ontario’s long-term care sector, and she has an extensive and established record of advocating for change that benefits seniors across the province. Her past experiences have included serving as the CEO of the Ontario Long Term Care Association (OLTCA) and the CEO of Safe Haven Consulting Inc.

Candace has also been representing senior care during the COVID-19 pandemic at the provincial Ontario Health strategy roundtables. She also sits on the Board of Directors of Ontario Pharmacists Association.