Glenna - Metabolic Weight Management Clinic

Glenna's Story

Glenna talks about her success in weight loss and overall health and wellbeing since becoming an outpatient at Ontario Shores' Metabolic and Weight Management Clinic.

Text Transcript

I was diagnosed 26 years ago with my doctor with depression and then it turned into schizophrenia. I hear voices, and some are nice voices and some are bad voices. I take medication to help it and the exercise helps it, and I also try to keep busy doing housework.

The pills that I took contributed to weight gain. I could have been heading for a heart attack or something with all the weight I’d had. I’ve been working with Heather and Joanna for two years at the Metabolic Clinic. We started out at the CMHA office and now we’re at the Ross Memorial Hospital and we do it by OTN.

When I started I was 220. Now I’m down to 158. Before I was discovering that I was a diabetic I was drinking a 2L bottle of Coca-Cola and a big bag of Cheezies once a day.

The most success that I’m proud of is that I’ve weight loss of about 60 lbs. in the last two or three years; and I’m also eating better, I have better eating habits. I have my breakfast, my lunch, my supper, and have a snack at bed. At breakfast I have either cereal or toast, and for lunch I have a sandwich; and at supper I make sure I have my veggies and my protein and my carbohydrates.

Now Joanna, she makes sure that I get my diet right and that. And she’s told me about carbohydrates and my snacks – better snacks for me – and she looks after me well. Both Heather and Joanna look after me well.

Heather, she makes sure I go to all my appointments, she’s got me on insulin and she also makes sure I get my eye appointments, about the exercise and getting my doctor. I do tae bo and I do abs once a week. I push myself to go.
Heather and Joanna call me the poster girl for the Metabolic Clinic and also they call me a movie star for this video today that I’m taking. They praise me and that, and it makes me feel good.  I’m just glad I have this Metabolic Clinic ‘cause it has changed my life.