Inclusion Criteria

  • Women between the ages of 18-65
  • Mental illness that is significant enough to impair function and unique to women, for example:
  • Women with symptoms of, or at elevated risk of developing a perinatal mood disorder such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, or psychosis in the perinatal period (pregnancy and postpartum)
  • Women with an existing mood, anxiety or psychotic disorder in the perinatal period
  • Perimenopause or menopause with significant emotional dysregulation
  • Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder


Exclusion Criteria

  • The presenting mental health issue has no relationship to the female reproductive system
  • Patient is primarily concerned with applications for Ontario Disability Support Program/insurance/legal proceedings/child welfare assessment 

Please note that we do not provide assessments for legal or court matters, child welfare, employment, custody, or disability.


Accessing the Women’s Clinic

Referrals are accepted from any health care professional.  

The online referral can be completed by your health care professional. 

You may also print a copy of the referral to bring to your next appointment 

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