Geriatric Mental Health Community Outreach Team (non LTC)

The Geriatric Mental Health Community Outreach Team provides a client-centered assessment and individualized treatment/service plan by a community nurse clinician and a nurse practitioner. Individual care plans are developed to manage symptoms, address needs, and develop management techniques. Short-term case management and mental health follow up is provided for treatment optimization and support. Health teaching and education will be provided to assist patients as they transition into the community and can be initiated while in acute and tertiary care settings.

Inclusion Criteria

  • Aged 65+
  • Residents of Durham Region only
  • Formal MH diagnosis (including dementia)
  • Must live in the Durham Region
  • Must have difficulty attending community clinic appointments
  • Individuals must be medically stable.

Exclusion Criteria

  • Medically unstable patients
  • Patient does not have a primary care health care practitioner

How do I access this service

Referrals are accepted from primary care providers (general practitioners, nurse practitioners), specialists, hospitals (acute and tertiary care) and other community agencies (CE LHIN HCC, DCC, GAIN, etc.). Referrals are accepted from within the Durham Region.

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