For Primary Care Providers

Ontario Shores is piloting a new service that allows Family Physicians or Nurse Practitioners to access a psychiatrist for telephone advice by booking an available appointment online.

What a Psychiatry Telephone Consultation Can Provide:

  • Timely advice regarding assessment, management and treatment of patients with mental health needs
  • Assistance with plan of care
  • Enhanced ability to continue to manage your patient and to improve their outcomes and experience
  • Learning opportunities – educational and practical advice
  • Decision support around whether your patient needs a full psychiatry consultation, or a re-consultation

What a Psychiatry Telephone Consultation DOES NOT Provide:

  • Completion of a referral for an assessment
  • Appointment booking
  • Arranging a transfer
  • Arranging a hospital bed
  • Informing the referring physician of results of an assessment

How do you Access this Service:
Book your appointment online to speak directly to a Psychiatrist.

Consult Specialties:

  • Psychiatry consults starting November 5, 2018
  • Pilot Expansion Planned in early 2019 to Include Adolescent Psychiatry and Geriatric Psychiatry Consultants

Questions or Feedback:
For questions or feedback related to this service call (905) 430-4055 x 6484 or email .

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This service is for Family Physicians and Nurse Practitioners only wishing to have a consultation with a psychiatrist regarding a specific patient's case.

All other individuals are encouraged to go through our Central Intake department, or refer to the Finding Help page.