Mental Health Information Resources and Tools

 Big white Wall

Big White Wall

Big White Wall was developed in the UK and is now available to Ontarians through the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) and Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. BWW is a digital mental health support service.  It is available 24/7 and the site is monitored by professionally-trained guides.  It features self-help programs to gain insight and understanding on mental health, creative outlets to express thoughts and feelings, and an interactive and supportive community.  And it is a safe and secure space where anonymity is ensured.


Canadian Mental Health Association

The most well-known and established community mental health organization. They strive to encourage the education of mental health, prevent mental illness, support the recovery concept, and is accessible to all Canadians. They offer brochures in downloadable and printable formats that cover a variety of topics such as: anxiety disorders, depression (adults/children), mental illness and substance use, eating disorders, anger issues, and much more. Users can assess their mental health using the assessments to determine their stress level, work-life balance, etc.


This resource is a searchable database that provides information and links to mental health resources in your area. Mental health conditions and topics can be selected from an alphabetical list which brings the user to a results page that can then be narrowed down by organization/service, info sheets, screening tools, and external links. The website also has access to portals for Medical Students and Primary Care Providers which provides more specific and advanced information for a variety of mental health disorders.



BEACON is affordable online therapy that is guided by a registered mental health professional.  Begin with an online assessment after which a customized cognitive behavioural therapy care pathway will be created for you.  BEACON uses digital CBT (iCBT) and up to 12 weeks of guidance from a therapist to address a range of mental health issues including mild to moderate depression, anxiety, panic, PTSD, and insomnia.  Covered by many employer or benefits plans.  Offers affordable plans available if not.


National Institute of Mental Health

The National Institute of Mental Health is an agency that conducts research on mental disorders. Their website provides a variety of information on mental illness from statistics, brochures/fact sheets, resources, and information on clinical trials. To aid in the education and awareness of mental health disorders, they provide access to free educational and outreach materials that can be used to spread awareness and insight.

 Mind your mind


This organization is unique in that it uses the knowledge, expertise, and life experience of youth aged 14-29, to co-create the programs, services, and tools that they offer. The resources and services offered are geared towards different levels of crisis or intervention: help for yourself, help for a friend, being in immediate crisis, needing someone to talk to, and being unsure of what’s wrong. There is access to a variety of tools, resources, illness information, blogs, downloadable PDF’s such as self-care books, journals and guides, and expression through stories, poetry, artwork, and videos.

 211 Ontario

Ontario 211

This resource is another searchable database that provides resources for a variety of topics including mental health and addiction that links users to resources in their area. Topics include: family services, employment/training, disabilities, health care, homelessness, income support, youth, and many more. The topics provide more detailed information and links to resources such as programs, crisis lines, hospitals, help centers, and support groups. There is also the option to chat with highly-trained specialists via phone, email, or live chat.