Family Visits - Frequently Asked Questions

Ontario Shores is happy to be welcoming back visitors through appointments booked with each inpatient unit.  There are a number of safety protocols put in place to support the health and safety of everyone at Ontario Shores.  See updated Visitor Protocols. 

Can we visit off the unit?

All visits at this time will occur on the unit in the designated visitors room or unit courtyard to ensure we are following safety protocols. 

Why are you only allowing three visits per unit per day?
We have tried to schedule visits that don’t interfere with meal times and shift changes. We also have to thoroughly clean the visiting room after each visit. Family members can still continue to have virtual visits with their loved ones.

Can I wear my own mask?
No, all visitors will be provided with a procedure mask at the entrance to ensure we meet consistent standards around safety.

How many people are allowed to visit at one time?
Each unit will be able to have one visitor at a time. Visitors can also have their name added to a Short-Notice Visitor List that is being maintained on each unit.  Names on this list will be contacted the morning prior to the visiting times that are available the following day to be offered the available appointment times  Please connect with the unit for more information or to have your name added to that list.

Why do I have to get regularly tested (within two weeks of a visit) for Covid-19 every time I want to visit my loved one on a geriatric unit.
On our geriatric units, we are currently following the Provincial requirements and guidance around visits to Long-Term Care facilities.  This population is most vulnerable.

Where do I get tested?
For more information about how and where to get tested, please visit:  


Food Delivery

Can family members bring in food items?
Family members are welcome to bring in food for their loved ones but only food items that will be consumed during the visit are permitted.  Staff and patients together will ensure all food being brought into the unit follow the Safe Food Handling Guidelines of the hospital.

Can family members bring in other non-food items?
Loved ones are able to bring in non-food items for their loved ones.  Staff will ensure items are cleaned properly before being brought to the unit.

Will food delivery staff be coming onto the units to deliver food?
No. Any food deliveries are brought to the front entrance where the transaction will take place.