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Ontario Shores Grand Rounds - Addiction: The Neurobiology & Implications of Treatment  Export Event
Date and Time 
Dec 14 2017 11:00 AM -- 12:00 PM
Location  Lecture Theatre

Ontario Shores Grand Rounds

Addiction:   The Neurobiology & Implications of Treatment

Presented by:
Dr. Mark Weiss, MD, BSc, MCFP
Medical Director, Bellwood Health Sciences

Learning Objectives:
1.  Upon completion, participants will be able to develop an understanding of how the biology interacts with psychosocial factors to influence the progression of addiction.
2. Upon completion, participants will be able to develop a simple way of teaching patients about the neurobiology in a manner that strengthens the therapeutic process.
3.  Participants will be able to use neurobiology to inform treatment strategies.

Lecture Theatre, Conference Place, Building 5
             Participants are welcome to bring their lunch!      


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