Patient Rights and Privacy

Ontario Shores is committed to protecting the rights and privacy of our patients. We work together with staff, patients, families, healthcare providers and the community to ensure we protect the personal health information, rights and privacy of our patients and support legislative requirements.

Integrated Assessment Record (IAR)

The Integrated Assessment Record (IAR) is a provincial initiative to provide authorized heath practitioners within your circle of care with secure web-based access to assessment information.
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Patient Privacy

Ontario Shores is committed to protecting the privacy of our patient’s health information and places the highest value on maintaining the confidentiality and security of personal health information.

Our privacy policy is based on the standards for privacy protection developed by the Canadian Standards Association.

Privacy Principles
  • Accountability for Personal Information
  • Identifying Purposes for the Collection of Personal Information
  • Consent for the Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information
  • Limiting Collection of Personal Information
  • Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention of Personal Information
  • Ensuring Accuracy of Personal Information
  • Ensuring Safeguards for Personal Information
  • Openness about Personal Information Policies and Practices
  • Individual Access to their own Personal Information
  • Challenging Compliance with Privacy Policies and Practices
For a brief description of our privacy practices, please read our Statement of Information Practices.

For more information about privacy at Ontario Shores please contact the Privacy and Information Access Office at 905.430.4055 ext. 6896.


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