Forensic Community Reintegration Unit

The Forensic Community Reintegration Unit (FCRU) is a 25-bed unit at Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (Ontario Shores) for patients on Disposition Orders from the Ontario Review Board (ORB) who require a general forensic environment. Members of an interprofessional healthcare team provide recovery-focused treatment, and work with patients to develop and implement individual care plans. The team provides support and assistance in a safe and therapeutic environment as patients move towards a less restrictive environment and ultimately return to the community.
Services include:
  • Assessment based on nursing, psychiatry and psychology
  • Treatment planning that includes leisure and recreation, psychosocial programming, family support, vocational training and occupational therapy
  • Specialized treatment techniques including literacy and substance abuse education
  • Pharmacological treatment
  • Behaviour management
  • Social rehabilitation programs, individualized and/or in groups with a focus on self-care, task performance and social skills
  • Annual Reports to the ORB

How to access this service

Forensic patients are referred through the court system or under the jurisdiction of the ORB.

For information pertaining to admission to the Forensic Program and for court related inquiries, please contact:

Robin Bowerman
905.668.5881 ext. 6580 (local)
800.341.6323 ext. 6580 (toll free)
905.665.2460 (fax)