Recovery College

The Ontario Shores Recovery College is available to inpatients and outpatients already receiving services from Ontario Shores to provide an opportunity for learning and discovery.

New Virtual Course Offerings

Recovery CollegeVirtual Courses will take place over the Zoom platform.


  • Must be registered Ontario Shores client at time of registration.
  • Interested students can call 905.430.4055 ext. 6988 to register.
  • Courses begin July 27. 
  • Registration is open beginning Monday, July 13, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 
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More about Recovery College

Recovery College courses provide education about mental illnesses, treatment options, wellness and ultimately discovering or rediscovering passions, hope, and meaning. The Recovery College complements professional assessment and treatment by helping people to understand their challenges and learn how to manage them better to pursue their aspirations. It is a place where "lived experience" is blended with the expertise of mental health practitioners to help participants develop meaningful goals for recovery. Focus should be about hope, empowerment, possibility and connection.

5 Learning Domains of Recovery College

Learning and Understanding​

Uses information sharing to help empower individuals to explore options to help them manage their mental health condition. This includes information on recovery, different diagnoses as well as available treatment options.

Skill Development​

Application of knowledge into the development of practical skills which can lead to enhancing one's life and managing mental health challenges.​


Assists with goal development surrounding occupational planning and skill attainment for competitive employment. This includes career and education information, skills training, and preparing one for community employment opportunities in a welcoming and recovery-oriented environment.

Leisure, Health and Wellness

Uses meaningful activities to enhance positive health, quality of life and sense of well-being in many different areas. These can include social, spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental wellness.

Self-Discovery and Identifying Strengths

Provide participants with the opportunity to explore meaningful roles related to dreams and aspirations.  To provide the chance to share one's story to receive and give support as well as celebrate successes and strengths.

Contact Information

​Allison Stevens
Recovery College Leader
Phone: 905.430.4055 ext. 6435