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Ethical Decision Making

Our vision is to ensure that ethics is integral and visible in all we do

Ethics involves helping patients, families and those who work in healthcare when they are facing difficult moral or value-based choices about the right or best course of action. The goal is not to impose values on others, but to help individuals and groups in solving complex problems so they are able to make informed decisions about treatment.

At Ontario Shores, we have several resources available to assist with ethical decision-making.

  • Our Ethics Framework
  • Ethical Decision-Making Tools
  • On-site Ethicists

Ontario Shores Ethics Framework

An ethics framework articulates an organization’s approach to identifying, managing, and addressing ethics-related issues and concerns. An ethics framework is an overall organizational strategy which includes structures, policies and procedures, tools and resources, leadership, and expertise.

Ontario Shores is dedicated to providing optimal mental health care focused on individual paths to recovery, and has adopted ethical decision-making tools and a comprehensive ethics framework to support staff, board members, patients, families, academics and researchers in addressing ethics-related issues and concerns.

Ontario Shores Ethicists

What is an Ethicist, and how can they help me?

All Ontario Shores, patients, their families, and staff have access to an Ethicist. The Ethicist is a resource person, with advanced training in ethics, who can help clarify ethical issues, offer other perspectives, review options, and assist patients, families, and health-care teams with decision-making. You do not have to consult an Ethicist when making a decision, but they can be a valuable resource.

What can the ethicist do?

  • Provide confidential consultation
  • Ensure all relevant facts, values and options are explored
  • Help people understand and explore available treatment options
  • Identify and provide information to help people make decisions about ethical issues
  • Mediate to assist individuals and/or groups when there is a difference of opinion about a particular patient-care situation
  • Participate in the Ontario Shores Research Ethics Board, to address ethical issues in research
  • Provide education to patients, families, and professionals on ethical issues in health care

For help with an ethical issue or using the Ethics Framework, please contact our Ethics Department at Ontario Shores: @email. Your email will be answered within two business days.

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