Adolescent Inpatient Services

In partnership with our patients, Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences provides specialized recovery focused services. The Adolescent Inpatient Unit is a provincial, tertiary care unit for young people aged 12-18.  Referrals are preferred from inpatient adolescent/pediatric mental health units. Individuals are offered a period of assessment, medication stabilization and/or evidence informed individual or group psychotherapeutic treatments focusing on symptom management and improvement of function. The treatment goal of the unit is diagnostic clarification, symptom stabilization; functional improvement and timely transition back to a supportive community environment. Clinical care and treatment is delivered by an interdisciplinary team that adheres to an evidenced based clinical pathway that equates to a 75 day length stay.

Services include:

  • Adolescents 12 to 18 years of age
  • Treatment refractory symptoms of mood, psychosis, anxiety requiring hospitalization

How to access this service

Referrals are accepted by Psychiatrist, Family Physicians or NPs. Please refer by calling Durham Central Intake, operated by Kinark Child and Family Services, at 1.888.454.6275.

Make a Referral

Referrals can be made through Durham Central Intake at 1.888.454.6275

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