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"Gardening is my heartbeat", Carly Says Thank You

Garden Girls
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In 2014, Carly came to us with what turned out to be Treatment Resistant Depression, Anxiety and Severe Seasonal Affective Disorder. 10 years later, she comes back to us...with plants.

Carly loves to be in the garden, for several reasons. One reason, her mental health. So, when it came to saying thank you for the help she received here, the obvious gift...plants.

She was met by Vocational Instructor Noelle S and Maureen from Communications. In the box she brought; vegetables, lavender and several others, all grown from seed on her farm near Uxbridge. She even brought seeds!

"I could not have come out of this if it wasn't for Ontario Shores," explains Carly. "I wanted to say thanks and I've always been a gardener," Plants are my heartbeat and integral to my mental health."

"We definitely can use these in our programs with patients," says Noelle.

Carly then got a tour of our courtyard garden and indoor greenhouse where Noelle works with patients.

Carly uses gardening as mental health therapy herself. "I put on my headphones, do my gardening and I feel great after."

She also runs an Instagram account. "I speak for a lot of people who can't."

The last stop for Carly, visiting Amber in Volunteer Services to sign up.

Welcome aboard Carly, you and your green thumb. 

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Carly, Noelle and Maureen
Carly met by Noelle and Maureen
A box of small plants and seedlings
All plants grown from seeds by Carly
Garden Tour
A tour of our garden with Noelle
Carly and Amber
Signing up with Amber to volunteer at Ontario Shores