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Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interested in being a part of this incredible team of enthusiastic individuals? Follow this link to learn more about the application process. Please note that all of our volunteer opportunities require that individuals feel confident to participate without direct supervision or support.

We are currently recruiting for the following positions:

One-to-One Visits

Volunteers spend quality time with patients, in a one-to-one setting, talking, playing cards, and going for walks (depending on patient privileges). These patient facing opportunities are available throughout the hospital and on various different units and can be customized to meet the needs of the patient and patient population.

Volunteering on a unit can improve your communication, team building and facilitation skill sets as you volunteer with individual patients and or lead unit activities. Volunteers assist Recreation Therapist staff in a variety of recreation activities including, but not limited to: bingo, games, cards, music programs, discussion groups, electronic games, and leisure activities. Volunteers facilitate and encourage patient participation in organized activities.

Drop-In Centre (Heritage Lounge)

The Heritage Lounge is a space within the hospital that patients, staff, students and volunteers can go to relax.  The Heritage Lounge features flexible seating arrangements and a large screen TV.  The Drop-In Centre volunteer will provide patients with friendly conversation, activities and refreshments. We are currently offering theme days where volunteers will lead patient engaging activities throughout the week.

Recreation Therapist - Geriatric Program Volunteer

This role requires a high level of independence and offers autonomy in the facilitation of patient related leisure activities. The volunteer will interact with seniors diagnosed with dementia and/or other complex mental illness who present with responsive behaviour(s). In this role, the volunteer will lead leisure activities independently that are pre-planned by a Recreation Therapist (RT) and may occasionally be required to mentor new volunteers. This role will actively engage the support and insight of the RT to facilitate activities that are suitable, engaging and supportive of this patient population. 

Patient Experience / Gift Shop Volunteer:

The role of the Patient Experience Volunteer requires a high level of independence and autonomy in this uniquely designed volunteer position. This role has three components associated to it and offers you an opportunity to engage with patients through gift shop related duties, patient communication through the Pen Pal program and data findings gathered through surveys and entering key data into electronic filing systems.
The volunteer will interact with staff and patients from all units within the hospital including but not limited to forensics, geriatrics, complex general psychiatry and adolescents.  
The Gift Shop is a centralized location which provides daily necessities, arts and crafts to individuals who are inpatients within the hospital, as well as patients from within the community who attend day programs.  For those patients who have limited to no access of offsite facilities, the Gift Shop is a very important element to their day. 

Research and Academics

There are various research projects that are ongoing throughout the hospital. These studies are dependant on funding and aims to improve recovery and wellness outcomes in diverse populations. 

The volunteer will participate in various activities such as conduct literature reviews, summarize findings, support data entry and analysis, ethics and grant proposals, evaluations, scientific writing and input patient survey findings into various databases. These positions are limited and therefore if you are interest please include your CV and time commitments/availability along with your application outlining how your skills and education would align with the Research and Academic department requirements. 

For more information, be sure to check out the Research and Academic Department’s website for more information.

Pet Therapy

Volunteer Services acknowledges the health benefits of pets and provides patients with an opportunity to interact with dogs and enjoy their company through the pet visitation program. All dogs brought into Ontario Shores have completed a certified pet therapy program such as those offered by St. John’s Ambulance or Therapeutic Paws of Canada.

Special Events

Volunteers support the various patient special events which are organized by Central Recreation and held throughout the year.

Positions for volunteers with prior experience:

The following positions are open to volunteers who have prior experience in a hospital setting or as a graduated placement opportunity once volunteers have a minimum of 35 hours.

Forensic Program

The Forensic Program at Ontario Shores provides assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and community reintegration services for those with mental illness who have come into contact with the law. Volunteers will provide patients with friendly conversation, activities and refreshments.

Geriatric Program

The Geriatric Program is for individuals usually 65 years and older who are medically stable and have age-related dementia or have a severe or complex aged related mental illness. Volunteers will provide patients with friendly conversation, activities (walking groups/outings) and refreshments.

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