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Great Care Includes Family Intervention Therapy

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I am proud to officially welcome our Family Intervention Therapy (FIT) trained clinicians!

Committed to providing exemplary care to our patients and families, Ontario Shores is proud to have played a significant role in developing the Quality Standards for Mental Health, which were recently unveiled by Health Quality Ontario (HQO).

The Quality Standards address key opportunities for improvement in the care of major depression, schizophrenia and behavioural symptoms of dementia.

Ensuring consistent, strategic and exemplary care for patients and families is at the root of quality and these new standards.

One of the grounding principles of the Quality Standard for Schizophrenia is that “Recovery journeys build on individual, family, cultural and community strengths and can be supported by many types of services, supports, and treatments”.

Guided by this principle, the Quality Standards for Schizophrenia include offering family intervention to people with schizophrenia to better support them, help them cope, and help to prevent relapse. 

In our commitment to deliver care as outlined by the Quality Standards, we are excited to introduce our first group of clinicians that have been trained in the delivery of Family Intervention Therapy (FIT).

Please join us in welcoming the following group of clinicians into their newly acquired certification in FIT: Nancy Burns, Glynis Marcus, Nelly Movasseli, Trenton Vey, Danielle DaCosta, Aparna Dixit, David Quintero, Heather Boudreau, Erica Dutschek, Amanda Yaeck, Sharon McNab, Caroline Nikiel, Sujeetha Kulasingam, Shelby Maguire, and Nazir Hussain.

These clinicians participated in the first of many ongoing opportunities for Ontario Shores’ clinicians to receive this certification, and upcoming dates for future training opportunities will be available shortly.

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