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Hey, Let's Talk

Communications Analyst Jordan Leroux captures Jonathan Holt and McGregor Campbell from our Security Services team Raising the "Bell Let's Talk" Flag
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I want to start a conversation…and I hope you join in.

In my short time here at Ontario Shores, I have seen incredible work done by our staff. The compassion and empathy shown is so life affirming. 

Having said all this, I must take a moment to perhaps point out an area that needs a lot of improvement with almost all of us, how do you treat your own mental health. The vast majority of the population don’t give serious thought to this until it becomes complicated.

I live with severe depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. I’m on meds and they do well for me, however, some days are still a struggle. I have no trouble sharing this and that surprises people sometimes. We don’t mind sharing the fact we may have a cold or our body aches but, when it comes to our own mental health, we go silent.

How about you?

This is where our conversation is going to begin, after all today is  “Bell Let’s Talk” day. 

You know, in all the therapy sessions I have been in, I noticed something. The therapists do very little talking! They actually spend more time getting me to talk (of course they don’t share their fee with me lol). I soon realized that the road the recovery, and indeed many coping mechanisms, start with talk. I share. Others listen and reflect. I learn and I tend to come away with a little bit more hope than before the conversation started. 

Hmm? Discovery, Recovery, Hope! Where have I heard that before? (Ontario Shores’ motto)

So, how are you? Really.

What are your thoughts on mental health? What works for you? What is your advice? You may think that you are the only one feeling depression, anxiety, loneliness, but you may be surprised to learn that you are not the only one. Talk with your family, friends, peers, .

The best way the person next to you on the bus. Not sure how to start a conversation? Simply say “How are you?” but don’t just accept the pre-programmed response of “fine”. 

Hey everyone, Let’s Talk!

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