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Jesse Hirsh Talks Patient Empowerment on #MindVine Podcast

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Jesse Hirsh makes you think.

He has strong opinions about healthcare, technology and traditional thinking that naturally make the people around him challenge their own beliefs.

A prominent voice as an internet strategist, Hirsh also considers himself an artist, futurist, researcher and public speaker. He is also an experienced innovator and collaborator with a passion for educating people on the potential benefits and perils of technology.

Hirsh was the keynote speaker at Ontario Shores’ Annual Mental Health Conference in February where he challenged the audience to think differently in regards to how technology can and will influence care, research and patient engagement.

Following his keynote address Hirsh made as guest on the #MindVine podcast where he spoke on the impact of today’s technology and tomorrow’s advancements can and will have on the mental health system and the people accessing it.

The #MindVine podcast featuring Picard and all previous episodes are available YouTube, SoundCloud, iTunes and Google Play.




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Written by Darryl Mathers on April 06 2017.

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