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As a specialized mental health care hospital, Ontario Shores is a great place to set your career in motion, share your talent or further your knowledge through our exciting and innovative programs.

Everyone works as a team to achieve a common goal of enhancing our patients’ quality of life.  Our clinical professionals play a key role in ensuring our patients truly feel a sense of collaboration in their recovery plans. 

Our team of highly talented individuals are inspiring.  If you’re looking for an organization that will provide a challenging, positive working experience, Ontario Shores is the place you want to be!



Volunteers at Ontario Shores provide a vital community link for patients. They inspire hope, enhance patient self-esteem, help reduce stigma and improve the quality of life for patients by sharing their time, knowledge and generous hearts.
Volunteering at Ontario Shores


Students learn practical on-the-job skills, gain specialized experience and work with other dedicated and compassionate people like yourself. Ontario Shores offers a wide range of job placement and learning opportunities in a number of different environments, including nursing, food and nutrition, research, finance, internships, psychiatry residency and much more. Learn more about our academic programs

  • Sheryl
    I like working at Ontario Shores. Ontario Shores is a very progressive organization with a clear vision where staff care about their patients and each other.
    ~ Sheryl, Administrative Director
  • Sean
    I like the people that I work with and I like how I’m able to work with a variety of technology.
    ~ Sean, Information Services
  • Linda
    I like all the friendly people and the relationships I have with everyone – patients, staff, visitors – in my job I get to know them all.
    ~ Linda, Nutrition and Food Services
  • Helen
    I love it! I have wonderful staff to work with; we get along really well. I’ve been here for 22 years and I hope to retire here.
    ~ Helen, Nutrition and Food Services
  • Heather
    My unit is well organized and my leader is human – she understands life.
    ~ Heather, Nurse
  • John
    I like to make people happy. We have a lot of fun and we get a lot of work done.
    ~ John, Media Services
  • I love the beautiful lakeside location and the building is so bright and sunny. I also appreciate the breadth of experience I'm getting in my field.~ Maureen, Webmaster
  • Cynthia
    I like engaging with my staff and patients, and I like that I get to mould our services.
    ~ Cynthia, Administrative Director
  • Michelle
    I feel like my opinion matters. The people at Ontario Shores are good.
    ~ Michelle, Administrative Assistant
  • Nina
    I like the staff – and that I get to work with such a good team.
    ~ Nina, Nurse
  • Tammy
    I like everything! I’ve been here for 25 years and I love my job!
    ~ Tammy, Supervisor, Nutrition and Food Services
  • Ron
    I love the people, I love my work and that’s why I come out here. I’m retired and it’s a great place to spend my time.
    ~ Ron, Transportation