Entering Availability into IAS

Internet Explorer logoIAS works best on Internet Explorer version 6 through 8.


  1. Browse to www.ontarioshores.ca/login/ and click on Staff Login for Meditech IAS.
  2. Click on Login and enter your IAS username and password. (Forget your password? Please see the IT website on our Intranet for instructions on how to reset your password.
  3. Click Ontario Shores-Live
  4. Click the Availability tab on the right hand side of the page

    Click on Availability
  5. Click on the dates you are available

    Select dates you are available
  6. Place a "Y" for the days you are available and add any comments that you would like the Staffing and Scheduling office to see.

    Place a Y for the days you are available and add comments
  7. Once you have completed your availability, click on the Submit button located at the bottom of the screen

    Click on Submit
  8. At the end of your request you should receive a message that reads: "Your request has been received and is being processed. Thank You."