Our Stories

We are inspired by the stories of recovery and hope as shared by our patients, their families, staff and volunteers. These stories help break down barriers, give a voice to those who need it and help many others who may also be struggling.

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer - Patient
    "I was too scared to say anything"
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  • Chrysten
    Crysten - Patient
    "It felt like torture. I didn’t understand what was going on with me." 
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  • Tas
    Tas  - Patient
    "Prior to his stay at Ontario Shores, Tas was living on his own and looking for work. But, he struggled with...
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  • Cody
    Cody - Patient
    "PHP has been great. A lot of the skills they teach seem like common sense, but it’s how they deliver it that makes the difference." 
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  • Raheman
    Raheman - Patient
    "It’s not about getting rid of them now, it’s about living with them," Raheman says of the debilitating voices and hallucinations he experiences. Read Story
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