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Dr. Zeller - Episode 118 of MindVine Podcast
Podcast Episode 118 - Dr. Scott Zeller and Psychiatric Emerge
Episode 118 of the #MindVine #mentalhealth podcast features renowned psychiatric emergency advocate Dr. Scott Zeller talking EmPATH and Ontario Shores' desire to bring a psychiatric emergency service to Durham Region.

Dr. Zeller was visiting from California, where he developed the EmPATH model and began sharing it across the globe. The #MindVine podcast is hosted by Darryl Mathers (@DarrylMathers). The podcast is also available on Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Podcasts.

A Thousand Ways to Kneel and Kiss the Earth is a collection of watercolours of encounters with nature, which serve as a healing process in a world struggling to regain nor

If I looked at my life 2 years in the future, I probably would be dead. I hated myself!

“That first session, I had an epiphany. ‘Oh, so that’s how others see me.’ It was at that moment I committed to recovery.” 

While there are no easy fixes for depression or anxiety, there are some hacks to affect quick, temporary change.

On this episode of Mental Health Matters, Karim Mamdani, President and CEO of Ontario Shores, and Dr.

Well, we said that "anyone at Ontario Shores who has a story to tell" can author a guest blog, but a dog? Why not? Enjoy the first ever blog written by a dog.

Ontario Shores is quite fortunate to have Dr. Neal Anzai heading up our Eating Disorders Program.

February is Black History Month. A Grand Rounds session on February 1st discussed the implications of being Black in the workplace.

The final episode in a three part series dealing with addictions. Kevin’s guest is Michael Tibollo, Associate Minister of Mental Health and Addictions.