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Dr. Zeller - Episode 118 of MindVine Podcast
Podcast Episode 118 - Dr. Scott Zeller and Psychiatric Emerge
Episode 118 of the #MindVine #mentalhealth podcast features renowned psychiatric emergency advocate Dr. Scott Zeller talking EmPATH and Ontario Shores' desire to bring a psychiatric emergency service to Durham Region.

Dr. Zeller was visiting from California, where he developed the EmPATH model and began sharing it across the globe. The #MindVine podcast is hosted by Darryl Mathers (@DarrylMathers). The podcast is also available on Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Podcasts.
Today marks Bell Let’s Talk Day. This is the 13TH time Bell has helped start the conversation about mental health and I thank them for that. This year, however, I’m going to ask you to entertain just a slight, but significant change, to its title, ‘Bell Let’s Talk AND Listen Day’.

I want to start a conversation…and I hope you join in.

It's a perfect day to start a conversation on mental health, consider your own mental health, reach out, and listen!

He is the mayor of Ontario's 6th largest city. That is a long way from where he came from.

In my formal academic training, I have completed a Social Service Worker (SSW) diploma as well as a Registered Practical Nursing Diploma (RPN) and I feel that I was moderately pre

He helped reimagine morning radio, listened to by millions. However, Humble Howard had a secret...an alcohol addiction.

The First Step; Overcoming Addiction

By Simone Arbour/Research Scientist, Ontario Shores

Explore the complexities of adolescent mental health and the transformative Eating Disorders and Adolescent Program at the Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences in this episode of Mental

I've had the privilege of serving as a Clinical Care Coordinator in the Integrated Pathway for people diagnosed with Schizophrenia.