Ontario Shores Receives Award for Innovation and Leadership

April 27, 2011

On April 20, Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (Ontario Shores) hosted a celebration to accept the 2011 Excellence in Mobile Point of Care Award from Motion Computing. This global award, given annually, recognizes an organization’s commitment to deploying mobile device solutions that enhance patient safety and quality of care.

Scott Ball, Country Manager, Canada from Motion Computing and Patrick Mabey, Senior Consultant at Bell Enterprise Wireless Solutions presented Glenna Raymond, President and CEO at Ontario Shores with an award of excellence. Raymond recognized the tremendous effort of all staff at Ontario Shores for their support and dedication to implementing advanced technology throughout the hospital.

“It is the remarkable courage and determination of people, to embrace the technology and use the tools, that leads to improved healthcare across the system,” says Raymond. “And it is through the extraordinary work of our people that Ontario Shores is truly on the leading edge of healthcare.”

The mobile devices eliminate the need for desktop and laptop computers to save on space and time. They also eliminate the need for paper, which reduces risk of error and duplication of information, and improves communication among clinicians and access to information across the system. A paperless system also supports our commitment to sustainable environmental practices.

“Ontario Shores won this award among nominees around the world,” says Ball.“Everyone in the organization was engaged in such a significant way, which was what made the difference for Ontario Shores’ submission. I am proud to present this award today.”

The hospital transitioned to an electronic health record system in November 2010, and in order to maximize the full benefits of the electronic health record, its staff would need a device that would allow them to standardize on an entirely electronic format.

“This hospital went from a paper system to a fully computerized system with Meditech 6.0, and as a result you have completely mobilized your workforce,” says Mabey. “And because of all the hard work and communication between
Bell, Motion Computing and Ontario Shores this was all achieved in the past year.”

Since implementation, Ontario Shores has already seen early benefits of the mobile system in terms of patient safety and quality of care. The hospital’s next step is to bring advanced clinical systems to its offsite locations and into patient homes to truly provide enhanced mental health care.

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