Mariam - Volunteer

Mariam's Story

Mariam, a volunteer at Ontario Shores, shares her experience with a patient and tells why she loves being part of the organization.

Text Transcript

Mariam: So I’ve been volunteering here on NRS for about three years and there has been a patient on there that was always very withdrawn, very withdrawn. And, a few weeks ago, we were on an outing and she came out of the van and she looked at me and said “Could you please hold my hand?” I looked at her and I’m like, sure, of course I can hold your hand. I just felt very touched by that because you know, a patient that never talks to me, and yet I’m always there, every week, seeing her, trying to talk to her, trying to have some conversation with her, but the fact that she, you know, provided me a gesture like that, was very touching for me.

I love it. I want to be here. I want to volunteer here and I want to be a part of this organization.

Narrator: One in four Canadians is affected by mental illness and some point in their lives. For more information about mental illness or Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences visit