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Lori Lane Murphy

Volunteer and Advocate

Lori is a full-time mental health advocate, student, wife and mom. Her advocacy includes writing, performing and podcasting all in an effort to change the hearts and minds of people around mental illness.

Mental illness was a part of her family growing up, but it certainly wasn’t the whole story. This reality prompted Lori to show people that while there are undeniable challenges living with or caring for someone mental illness, one should never be identified by illness alone. People have challenges. It’s part of the human experience.

Comedic storytelling keeps Lori busy in her “spare” time and she loves to share and teach others how to craft and tell their own mental health stories. People with mental illness are often dismissed or have their stories told for them. By accepting that they own their own voices and that they do have something to say, compelling and heartfelt stories unfold.

Advocacy also means working toward a more “mental health positive” workplace so that Lori’s teenaged son, who struggles with severe anxiety, OCD and ADHD will have a better experience in the work force than she ever did. It’s important to set the example now that mental health issues needn’t hold a person back from attaining their goals.

Lori is a dedicated volunteer at Ontario Shores who is eager and excited to open up about her lived experience with mental illness.