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Christina Fuda

Christina Fuda
Mental Health First Aid Coordinator

Christina Fuda is the Mental Health First Aid Coordinator at Ontario Shores.  Over the past two years she has trained more than 2000 people from various backgrounds and organizations to recognize and assist colleagues, friends and family living with mental illnesses.  Christina is a graduate from York University with a masters degree in neurosciences and a bachelors degree in psychology.

She was one of the key stakeholders in gathering a strong partnership between Ontario Shores and Ontario Power generation. From this partnership Christina has trained over 200 OPG leaders to assist with promoting a mentally healthy safe work environment.

Christina has worked with other organizations such as The Beer Store, Greater Toronto Airports Authority, Borden Ladner & Gergvais LLP and the Town of Whitby.

Her goal is to continue educating and informing people on the importance of a mentally safe and healthy work environment.

Christina is a certified to teach Mental Health First Aid as well as all Ontario Shores Workplace Training Workshops and Seminars.