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Ontario Shores is #StandingWithUkraine

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Like so many of you, the events of the last week have left me heartbroken for the people of Ukraine.

Everywhere I turn I consume these images of war and I am left with more questions than answers.

It's an empty feeling as everyone grapples with Russia's invasion of Ukraine and attempt to determine how we function in this current global reality.

As a country of immigrants, I know Canadians are struggling. You don't need to have an ancestral link to Ukraine to be hurting right now.

At Ontario Shores, we are all in pain as we continue to root for peace and a quick end to the violence and loss of life happening at this moment. As a parent to adult children I find if difficult to provide any answers or guidance as war rages on. For those of you with younger children, I empathize with the challenge of having to explain what they are seeing on the news, reading on social media, or hearing in the streets.

In my time, I have seen the world change, evolve, and even, at times, come together to celebrate what brings us together. Unfortunately, there have also been periods of conflict and violence that amplify our differences and make the world feel unsafe.

As I write this today I want everyone at Ontario Shores and in our community to know I am proud of the collective global response, which of course includes Canada, in condemning the actions taking place in Ukraine.

Just a few weeks ago Canadians appeared as divided as ever as we lived through protests in Ottawa and Windsor. As we now live in the aftermath of the invasion of Ukraine, as a country we are united in our support and hopeful for a peaceful resolution.

What's happening in the world today, whether in Ukraine or other areas in conflict, can be traced, in my opinion, to our inability as humans to be accepting, tolerant, and empathic.

Ukraine may be nearly 8,000 km from Canada, but its pain and turmoil hit close to home.

I encourage everyone at Ontario Shores to make use of the resources provided to you, whether that is a shoulder to cry on or making use of our Employee and Family Assistance Program. This is an uncertain and difficult time. Please take care of yourself.

As we continue our work as an organization in the areas of inclusion, diversity, equality, equity, and anti-discrimination, today's events remind us why we must continue.

Collectively, we must listen, continue to build bridges, and aspire to achieve mutual respect for the people we serve, as well as those we work and live with. Doing so will help us set aside what makes us different and put the focus on our similarities and our desire to live in prosperity and peace.

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