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Ontario Shores Welcomes Accreditation Canada

Sign at entrance of Ontario Shores
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Ontario Shores is proud to welcome surveyors from Accreditation Canada to our hospital the week of May 15 to 19 as part of our Accreditation Review.

Throughout the week a team of Accreditation Canada surveyors, who are also healthcare professionals from other hospitals in the country, will be involved in team interviews, tours, documentation reviews, and conversations with patients, families, and community partners connected to Ontario Shores.

Accreditation Canada is an independent, not-for-profit organization that sets standards for quality and safety in health care. Every four years, a team of Accreditation Canada surveyors are invited to Ontario Shores to evaluate standards based on quality, safety and efficiency.
The Accreditation process provides Ontario Shores an opportunity to evaluate practices, develop improvement initiatives, share accomplishments, and celebrate successes.

This week’s visit from Accreditation Canada surveyors will have no impact on the delivery of care for our patients, families and community partners.

An announcement regarding the outcome of Ontario Shores’ Accreditation Review is expected in June.

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