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PARC Member Position Description

Working in partnership with Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (Ontario Shores), PARC supports and empowers patients in their recovery in alignment with Ontario Shores’ Mission, Vision and Values by facilitating the patient perspective in advancing care and service delivery for patients of Ontario Shores.

  • Provide input into Ontario Shores policies and procedures, and to advise Ontario Shores on meeting the needs of patients.
  • Advance patient-centred care and recovery-oriented practice in all services provided at Ontario Shores.
  • Participate in quality improvement initiatives at Ontario Shores.
  • Identify areas of discussion and opportunities for improvement, to be brought forward to Ontario Shores leadership via the Co-Chairs.
  • Provide representation of patients on key task groups and committees across the organization.
  • Collaborate with Family Council on shared activities and initiatives.
  • Support patient events, engagement, and activities at Ontario Shores.

General Requirements:

  • Patients interested in joining PARC shall apply for membership by completing an application and participating in an interview with the Co-Chairs.
  • All members shall adhere to the Ontario Shores Code of Conduct and adhere to patient responsibilities as outlined in the Ontario Shores Charter of Patient Rights and Responsibilities.
  • All members shall participate in the approved volunteer process of Ontario Shores
  • All members shall attend an orientation or other onboarding process, as required by the Co-Chairs.
  • Ability to connect to high speed internet with a device to enable participation in virtual meetings using the Zoom platform
  • Ability to represent the broad interests of patients of Ontario Shores and not solely their own interests


  • PARC shall be comprised of individuals with lived experience,
    •  One seat will be reserved for patients of Ontario Shores
    • At least one PARC member should be a current inpatient at Ontario Shores.
  • Experience participating in committees or working groups
  • Practical experience reviewing meeting materials and providing feedback on quality improvement initiatives, policies and procedures is beneficial

Time Commitment:

  • Participate in meetings as required. This will include a minimum of 6 meetings per year, including a meeting aligned to the Board AGM which would include the renewal of the Council membership.
  • Ability to participate in meetings during regular business hours
  • Contribute to PARC activities between attending meetings on a regular basis.
  • PARC members are appointed to a two year term with an annual renewal process


  • The Staff Co-Chair of PARC reports to the CEO, and both the Patient and Staff Co-Chair provide quarterly updates to the Ontario Shores Senior Management Team.
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