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How to Become a Patient and Family Advisor

We have several steps that are required before you can become a Patient and Family Advisor. The first step is to apply! You can see the 5-step process below.

Step 1:  Application & References

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While completing the application form, you must provide two references. References must have known you for one year and cannot be family members. All applications will be reviewed by a designated staff member.

Step 2: Interview

Only those applicants selected for an interview will be contacted (either by phone or by email). In the interview, we will discuss your background and experience, interests, skills and reason for volunteering. We will also explain the process and which current opportunities exist.

Depending on the existing opportunities that you are interested in, you may be invited to a second interview and we may ask you for permission to contact your references at that time. 

Step 3: Onboarding 

Successful applicants will have to sign a confidentiality agreement. They will also need to get a vulnerable sector background check, do a two-step tuberculosis (TB) test and provide proof of immunization at their own expense. The Patient and Family Engagement Leader can support you on how you can do this. 

Step 4: Training 

All training will be scheduled by your Patient and Family Engagement Leader and is mandatory to complete prior to starting your role. 

General Orientation 
Duration: 1 Day

 In this session, you will become familiar with the hospital’s Mission, Vision, Core Values, emergency procedures, infection control information, and policies and procedures. All Volunteers are required to wear their identification badges while on duty.  Tours of the facility will be conducted depending on the current protocol. At the end of the session, you will be required to do some online modules at home using your own personal computer.

Safety Management Group Training (SMG) 
Duration: Half Day 
This training provides a unique and proactive approach that enables staff and volunteers to manage individuals who are showing signs of escalation. Participants will learn skills most appropriate to their everyday duties. The test at the end of the SMG session is optional for Patient and Family Advisors. 

Patient and Family Advisor Orientation 
Duration: 1 - 2 hours 
A specialized Patient and Family Advisor orientation will be provided by the Patient and Family Engagement Leader in conjunction with the program or service the PFA is working with.

Step 5 - Placements

Placements are arranged through the Patient and Family Engagement Leader and are based on the best fit considering the Patient and Family Advisor’s interests and experience. Depending on the placement, additional training/orientation may be required.

You will also be required to attend a monthly meeting via Zoom called a Community of Practice. A Community of Practice is a meeting with all of the Patient and Family Advisors and provides a platform for us to support you in your role. 

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer Patient and Family Advisor, we are currently accepting applications on an ongoing basis. Your application will be kept on file for when volunteer positions become available.

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