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Patient Portal - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a patient portal?
Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (Ontario Shores) provides access to a patient portal to help patients manage their own health information. The internet-based portal will be secure, private and confidential.

Who can I contact to help me get enrolled?
You can call 905-430-4061 or e-mail @email

What will the patient portal allow patients and their families to do?
Some of the features of the portal will include the ability for patients to view personal health information (allergies, immunizations, lab results, reports), message clinicians, view scheduled appointments, make cancelation of appointment requests, view current medications and renew prescriptions ordered by physicians at Ontario Shores.

Will only patients be using the patient portal?
No. Patients can have family members or someone who is supporting them also sign up. Not all patients have access to a computer.

Where can they access the portal?
Patients can access the patient portal from wherever Internet access is available. For example, patients could access the patient portal from any device with a web browser. Inpatients can ask unit staff for Internet access.

What is required for a patient to sign up for the patient portal?
All that will be required for patients to access the portal will be a device with Internet access, an email address for setup and your medical record number.

What if I don’t have an email address?
There is a tip sheet available on the Ontario Shores website to guide you through signup, which will include setting up an email account. You can also ask your clinician for support.

Password Reset • Email @email

Why can’t I access my reports yet?
The report needs to be completed by the clinician or physician, and then it takes 3 days to appear in the portal

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