Interested in Joining Family Council

Ontario Shores has a Family Council that consists of up to 15 volunteers that are representative of families from various clinical programs at Ontario Shores.

Working in partnership with Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (Ontario Shores), Family Council supports and empowers family caregivers affected by mental health and addiction issues in alignment with Ontario Shores’ Mission, Vision and Values.

We are looking for family members of current and former inpatients and outpatients to take an active role in advancing care and service delivery for a positive patient and family experience.

  • Support Ontario Shores at all levels, from frontline to management, in striving for high-quality patient-centered care through a collaborative effort of engagement with patients, families and caregivers
  • Develop a peer support network for families and assist in operation of the Ontario Shores Family Resource Centre
  • Develop informational resources and educational opportunities for Ontario Shores patients and their families
  • Represent family caregiver interests at Ontario Shores, and offer guidance and recommendations to inform decision making and planning
  • Partner with similar organizations in the community, and other Mental Health organizations such as Ontario Family Caregivers Advisory Network (OFCAN)

Family Council members will meet monthly for a minimum of ten (10) times a year, or at a frequency deemed appropriate by Family Council members.  We ask that Family Council Members attend a minimum of 6 meetings per year.

Interested candidates can visit the Application Instructions for more information about how to become a member of Family Council.