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Perimenopausal Mood Dysregulation

Perimenopause, is the period between the onset of irregular menstrual cycles and the last menstrual period. In is in this time of transition, when reproductive hormones are fluctuating, that women are particularly vulnerable to emotional disturbances.

While minor mood swings, insomnia and hot flushes are common during perimenopause, for approximately 20 per cent of women, the symptoms of low mood can be severe, with accompanying symptoms of poor sleep, poor appetite, loss of interest, loss of concentration, negative thoughts, excessive self-blame, and even suicidal feelings.

Vulnerable perimenopausal women may experience extreme anxiety symptoms such as tension, excessive worrying, panic attacks, breathlessness and palpitations.

Ontario Shores offers compassionate, holistic treatment programs for women afflicted with perimenopausal emotional dysregulation, with a combination of approaches, individualized for each woman.

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