Dr. Robyn Waxman

Robyn Waxman

Dr. Robyn Waxman

Medical Head of the Geriatric and Neuropsychiatry Program and Electroconvulsive Therapy, Staff psychiatrist

905.430.4055 ext. 6428

Graduated from University of Western Ontario with degree in health sciences. University of Ottawa Medical School graduate in 2005 and the University of Toronto Psychiatry residency program in 2010. Certified as a Geriatric Psychiatrist. Lecturer status with the University of Toronto. Currently staff psychiatrist at Ontario Shores and part time affiliation with CAMH. Involved in teaching medical students and residents.

Research Practice Areas

Alzheimer’s Disease, Advance Directives, Education, Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia

Areas of Research

How education influences seniors treatment options for health care interventions for alzheimer’s dieasea and their attitudes towards the behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia. Had funding from Physicians Services Incorporated (PSI).

Treatment options for the behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia including Electroconvulsive Therapy

Research Team/Collaborators

Barbara Russell – PHD Bioethicist at UHN
Benoit Mulsant MD and FRCPC – chair of University of Toronto department of psychiatry
Dr. Omar Ghaffar,
Dr. Ilan Fischler

Recent Publications

Reel, K., Macri, R., Dembo, J. S., Bean, S., Shanker, R. R., Costa, L., & Waxman, R. (2017). Assisted Death in Mental Health: Ethics – Our Last, Best Judgement. In Cooper DB (ed.). Ethics in Mental Health-Substance Use. CRC Press. ISBN 9781138672499 - CAT# K32135

Selvadurai, M. I., Waxman, R., Ghaffar, O., & Fischler, I. (2018). Efficacy and safety of maintenance electroconvulsive therapy for sustaining resolution of severe aggression in a major neurocognitive disorder. BMJ Case Reports.
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