Sanaz Riahi

Sanaz Riahi

Sanaz Riahi  RN, MSN, PhD

Vice-President, Practice, Academics and Chief Nursing Executive 

905-430-4055 ext. 6798

Sanaz Riahi is the Vice-President, Practice, Academics and Chief Nursing Executive at Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences. In her role she works collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders, with the utilization of technology and health systems, to support, promote and advance quality interprofessional practice environment to optimize outcomes for patients, staff and the organization. Her recent accomplishment includes leading Ontario Shores in the achievement of HIMSS Davies Enterprise Award, HIMSS EMRAM Stage7 designation, placing Ontario Shores as the first hospital in Canada to receive these awards. Other key activities where she has provided corporate leadership includes recovery-oriented initiatives, implementation of a patient portal, and implementation of clinical practice guidelines with the use of technology. She is currently a Lecturer in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto and is currently pursuing her PhD studies at the University of Central Lancashire focusing on the notion of ‘last resort’ in the use of restraint.

Research Practice Areas

Restraint Minimization, Recovery, Clinical Aggression, Digital Health

Areas of Research

Ontario Shores Health Check Patient Portal (Patient Portal) Benefits Evaluation
Principle Investigator: Sarah Kipping
Co-Investigators: Riahi, S., Hernandez, A., Nguyen, T. & Islam, F.

Education and Training for Preventing and Minimizing Workplace Aggression Directed Toward Healthcare Workers. Cochrane Collaborative Review.
Reviewers: Hills, D.J., Ross, H.M., Pich, J., Hill, A.T., Dalsbø, T.K., Riahi, S., Guay, S., Martinez-Jarreta, B.

The National Nursing Quality Report In Canada (NNQR-C)
Principle Investigator:  Dr. Lianne Jeffs
Site Principle Investigators: Sanaz Riahi
Co-investigators: Dr. Barb Mildon 

A Phenomenological Exploration of ‘Last Resort’ in the Use of Restraint in Mental Health Settings
Principle Investigator: Sanaz Riahi
Co-investigators: Professor Joy Duxbury & Dr. Gill Thomson

The National Nursing Quality Report Initiative
Principle Investigators: Dr. Barbara Mildon & Sanaz Riahi
Co-investigators: A. Sutherland-Boal, S. VenDeVelde-Coke, D. Doran, K.Velji 

Tool to Support Reducing Patient on Staff Violence Related Injuries
Principle Investigator: Dr. Benjamin C. Amick III & Sanaz Riahi
Co-Investigator: Henrietta Van hulle

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Crisis Intervention Training on Staffs’ Perspective on Causation & Management of Violence & Aggression
Principle Investigators: Sanaz Riahi & Andrea Porter
Co-investigators: Dr. Barbara Mildon

Understanding Patients and Staffs’ Perspective on Causation & Management of Violence & Aggression   
Principle Investigator: Sanaz Riahi

Recent Publications

Hernandez, A., Riahi, S., Stuckey, M. I., Mildon, B. A. & Klassen, P. E. (2017). Multidimesional approach to restraint minimization: The journey of a specialized mental health organization. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 26(5): 482-490.


Riahi, S., Fischler, I., Stuckey, M., Klassen, P., & Chen, J. (2017). The value of electronic medical record implementation in Mental Health care: A case study. JMIR Medical Informatics, 5(1): e1.


Fischler, I., Riahi, S., Stuckey, M. I., & Klassen, P. E. (2016). Implementation of a clinical practice guideline for schizophrenia in a specialist mental health center: an observational study. BMC Health Services Research, 16(a):372.


Kipping, S., Stuckey, M. I., Hernandez, A., Nguyen, T., & Riahi, S. (2016). A web-based patient portal for mental health care: benefits evaluation. Journal of Medical Internet Research, doi:10.2196/jmir.6483


Riahi, S., Dawe, I. C., Stuckey, M. I., & Klassen, P. E. (2016). Implementation of the six core strategies for restraint minimization in a specialized mental health organization. Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services, 54(10), 32-39.

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