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Addictions / Concurrent Disorders - Resources and Support

Ontario Shores Resources



Community Services / Groups

  • Pinewood: (905) 571-3344 press 2
    Locations in Oshawa and Bowmanville. Groups are focused upon addictions/substance use. Self referral.
  • Drug and Alcohol Registry of Treatment (1-800-565-8603)
  • Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline (1-888-230-3505)
  • Overeaters Anonymous (1-866-221-5061)
  • Al-Anon (905-728-1020), AA (905-728-1020), NA (905-434-2020)           
  • Addiction Services for York Region
  • Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous
    A Twelve Step, Twelve Tradition oriented fellowship based on the model pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous. The only qualification for S.L.A.A. membership is a desire to stop living out a pattern of sex and love addiction. From S.L.A.A.'s 8 core documents, see the 40 Questions for Self-Diagnosis. S.L.A.A. is supported entirely through the contributions of its membership and is free to all who need it.
    Contact Ontario S.L.A.A. for more information. An S.L.A.A. volunteer will discreetly respond to your inquiry.
    Toronto Message line: 416-486-8201.
    Email: @email.
  • Connex Ontario
    Government funded service that provides Ontarians with access to the wide variety of government‐funded addictions, problem gambling, and mental health services and supports available within the province. Information and referral specialists (IRS) live‐answer calls and Webchats. 24/7/365, and service may be provided, via telephone interpreter, in over 170 languages. All IRS staff are certified with the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems and have Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training. Most have an extensive background of front‐line work in the mental health and/or addictions service sector. 


Breaking Free


AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker
Myrecek (2018)
Available on:

Tracks alcohol consumption, helps users maintain a drink diary, and calculates blood alcohol content. Allows users to monitor drinking habits and set goals.

Daybreak – Drink less
Hello Sunday Morning (2019)
Free 3-week trial, monthly and annual subscriptions available after trial ($$$ monthly). *See app description for information about sponsorship if cost is a concern.
Available on:
iOS | Android

Daybreak is funded by the Australian Department of Health and offers professional “coaches” to help users get control of their drinking habits. Users are encouraged to make changes based on their goals and motivations through tailored activities, and contribute to the online support community.

Nomo – Sobriety Clocks
Parker Stech (2019)
Available on:
iOS | Android

Monitors sobriety time, provides “chip” awards for recovery milestones, and tracks money saved over time.

Rise Up + Recover
Recovery Warriors (2015)
Available on:
iOS | Android

Helps users track their meals, moods, and factors that affect problematic eating behaviours. Offers tips related to recovery around a variety of themes, including body image, journal activities, mindfulness, relationships.


Smoking Cessation Apps

QuitGuide – Quit Smoking
ICF International (2019)
Available on:
iOS | Android

Tracks cigarette cravings and moods, monitors progress toward milestones, and identifies triggers and strategies to deal with them.

Smoke Free – Quit Smoking Now
David Crane (2019)
Available on:
iOS | Android

Keeps track of money saved from being smoke free and the number of cigarettes avoided. Provides information to help deal with cravings, and demonstrates how users’ health is improving over time.

Addictions Treatment and Recovery Centres 

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